Why More People are Looking for a Business for Sale on the Gold Coast

by Caitlin Mary 12th of August, 2022
Why More People are Looking for a Business for Sale on the Gold Coast
Why More People Are Looking for A Business for Sale on The Gold Coast

The area is known for tourism, sport, and life on the beach, giving ‘work, live and play’ a special meaning. The beautiful beaches, high-rise apartments and sunny weather are some of the reasons why people search business for sale Gold Coast but there is a multitude of benefits to living and working in this beautiful area of Queensland. 

We take a look at why more people are looking at businesses for sale on the Gold Coast.

Life on the Gold Coast

When you buy a business for sale on the Gold Coast you are becoming part of the 72,000+ companies, sole-traders and partnerships currently operating. With a population around 650,000 which increases dramatically with tourists who love to visit the area, there is a good number of potential clients. The median price of properties, especially when compared to capital cities, gives an additional incentive to relocate if you are looking for your next opportunity.

Covid and lockdown have been difficult for all sectors, especially those in the tourism and hospitality industries, which make up such a large part of this area's economy. South East Queensland as a whole managed to get through lockdown thanks to the likes of the sporting hubs. Throughout the last 2 years, multiple sporting events same to the area which provided a much-needed economic boost. Even prior to covid, sport played a significant role in the economic and lifestyle attractions of the region.

Entering a post-covid economy, this area is positioned to make a fast recovery across multiple industries according to the latest Economic Outlook report. The economic growth, particularly for the increase in local jobs, is predicted to exceed expectations. This is a great reason to look at businesses for sale on the Gold Coast, with a surge in growth expected. 

Overall, this area is set to rebound from covid faster than the rest of Queensland and the industries leading this recovery are arts and recreation services, accommodation and food services, retail, transport and warehousing, healthcare and social services and wholesale trade. If you looking at businesses for sale on the Gold Coast in these sectors, it could be a good time to buy. 

With the Queensland Government looking to support small businesses with the Business Boost Grants Program, buying a Gold Coast business for sale in any of these recovery-leading industries is an attractive move right now.

The Economy

Sport on the Gold Coast is at the forefront of many residents' and entrepreneurs' minds. As the home to two national-level sporting clubs, over 14 major sporting complexes, countless stadiums and golf courses and of course, having hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games this translates into a variety of economic opportunities for owners and entrepreneurs.

The Queensland Government offers a wide range of support for tourism businesses and the Gold Coast Council actively encourages investment through many incentives covering sport, tourism, health, SME growth and more. If you buy a business for sale on the Gold Coast you could receive the benefits of some of these grants currently available. 

With a suburb named “Surfers Paradise” in the heart of the Gold Coast, it is not hard to understand why over 4 million people visit every year bringing in over $5 billion to the region annually. Tourism is a large part of the $39 billion economy with people being drawn to the beaches, theme parks and beautiful weather on offer. 

Business for Sale Gold Coast


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A Variety of Businesses For Sale on the Gold Coast

With tourism in mind, there are many businesses for sale on the Gold Coast from a variety of related sectors including takeaways, cleaning, hotels, wholesale goods and more.

This area is not just a tourist town, it covers a vast array of opportunities from building and construction, child care, imports, health, beauty, fitness and more. Away from the beaches, the hinterland region has opportunities in many industries combined with a more relaxed lifestyle.

There is a wide range of opportunities when looking through the nearly 500 businesses for sale on the Gold Coast mainly in services, retail and hospitality. A huge benefit to purchasing an existing opportunity, for example, a cafe for sale, is that it's already trading and has an existing customer base. An established cafe could be in the perfect location such as; Pacific Square Shopping Centre, Paradise Centre, on the beach or on the main strip of Surfers Paradise - giving you a prime location. 

If you currently own an opportunity in the area you may be looking at your options and want to sell a business. Bsale has been assisting owners and brokers for over 22 years to get exposure for their listings. It's why we place so much value on education to assist people to find businesses for sale on the Gold Coast. 


Final Thoughts

Buying a business can be a time-consuming process. You must thoroughly study the opportunity you intend to purchase, ensuring that it is viable and has a well-developed market for its products or services. You need to decide if the business for sale on the Gold Coast that you are looking at is the right opportunity for you. Setting up search alerts and being notified when a new business for sale on the Gold Coast is listed is a great way to stay up to date. 

Due diligence and the advice of a specialist, such as a business broker, will assist you in making an educated decision. It is important you also consult with a business coach, accountant and solicitor when you are buying an established business for sale on the Gold Coast to ensure it meets your expectations.

This region of QLD is a beautiful area to live and work in. With a variety of opportunities available, support from the QLD Government in certain industries, and expected continued growth it's a good time to consider a business for sale on the Gold Coast.


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