Will Facebook Reactions Affect your Business

by 15th of March, 2016

Facebook has undergone a major transformation in recent years. No longer just a bastion of cat photos and envy-inducing holiday snaps, the social media giant is now a serious part of many businesses' digital marketing strategies.

It's particularly useful for people looking for a business for sale. While there are a range of different expenses that can make this time stressful, most of the functionality associated with social marketing is free, making it a cost-effective way to announce the arrival of your new company.

With Facebook launching a major update in the form of Reactions, are there new ways to generate excitement from your loyal followers? 

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Removing the limits on digital engagement

Previously, Facebook users only had one option – outside of commenting – when it came to engaging with the range of different content shared on the platform. However, Facebook has now realised just how limiting only being able to "like" a post is. After all, liking negative news didn't make a lot of sense, and people couldn't express their true feelings toward particularly amazing posts.

As a companion to the existing "like" button, people can now respond with a number of different reactions, ranging from a heart symbol to a grumpy face.

Will this affect businesses?

Ogilvy PR investigated what this means for businesses looking to change the way they communicate with people on social media. So far, the organisation is confident the change will promote more audience engagement through the wider variety of emotions available.

For businesses that choose to use paid promotion on Facebook, Ogilvy PR notes that ad targeting is likely to improve as there are now further metrics for measuring engagement.

If you're looking to buy or sell a business, head to Bsale to find a solution that fits you.

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