Tony is Managing Director of Business Connection International, a Business  Broking company based in Crows Nest Sydney. With 35 years of experience in the business, Tony has personally sold or supervised the sale of over 1000  businesses. He has also delivered numerous Business Valuation courses for  TAFE, the Australian Property Institute, The Real Estate Institute of NSW and the  Australian Institute of Business Brokers as well as for thousands of accountants, solicitors and advisors throughout Australia via public seminars and webinars. 

Tony has written the much-acclaimed manual entitled “MAXIMISE THE VALUE  OF YOUR BUSINESS” which outlines a step-by-step recipe for success in small business, specifically in the area of business growth and eventual sale. 

This manual has been sold through the AIM bookshop and purchased directly by accountants who use it in their day-to-day advisory work for small to medium enterprises. Tony is part of a team of two valuers at BCI Business Brokers, one of whom is a registered real estate valuer. 

Tony has valued businesses worth in the range of $100,000-$10 million. These include service businesses, retail businesses, franchisee businesses and franchisor businesses. Testimonials can be provided on request. 

Apart from Business Valuation, Tony speaks on a number of areas pertinent to small businesses, including: 

  • Selling Businesses 
  • Maximising the Value of a Business 
  • Business Management 
  • Negotiation  
  • Strategic Planning
  • Networking 
  • Advertising and Marketing for Agents 

In 1999 Tony was honoured with the Award For Excellence in Business Agency by the Real Estate Institute of N.S.W. 
He is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Business of Brokers and is a former vice-president of the State Committee of the Franchise Council of Australia, where he served from 2004 to 2010 in that capacity. 


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Veteran Business Broker Tony Arena Explores the Future of Business Broking

by Allan Johnson 18th of May, 2023

As a veteran of the business broking industry, Tony Arena has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share, so the opportunity to meet with him can lead to a riveting conversation.


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Market Value V Strategic Value

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