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Looking for a list of business brokerages? Bsale has been working alongside Australian business brokers for nearly 20 years. View multiple brokerages in our 'Business Brokers Directory' and see their latest business sales and full agent details. In Australia, all business brokers must be licensed to act on behalf of a business owner, in order to sell and negotiate the sale of a business. Each state has a different governing body that oversees business broker licenses such as Fair Trading in NSW and Consumer Affairs in VIC. It is important to check your business broker is currently licensed.


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BizLink Group

BizLink Group (WA)

BizLink Group is one of WA’s most professional brokerage firm which focus to serve Local Community. We are offering a buying and selling platform for small to medium businesses.

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Bonza Business & Franchise Sales

Bonza Business & Franchise Sales (NSW)

Having been successful business brokers for many years, the directors of Bonza have always found that, for the majority of businesses, broker services took too much of the sales price for it to make sense.   We felt disappointed that we could not help, often leaving business owners to try to sell their business on their own, without the know-how and advertising options of a business broker or using the services of a broker.

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BPA Brokers

BPA Brokers (VIC)

Established in 1999, BPA Business Brokers has steadily grown into one of the most reputable and experienced business brokerage firms in Victoria. Willing to travel across the state, BPA Business Brokers will assist you step by step with the sale or purchase of your business, whether you are a first time buyer, or a long term client.

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Broadwalk Business Brokers

Broadwalk Business Brokers (NSW)

Broadwalk Business Brokers will provide our clients and customers with the finest quality service in an efficient and enthusiastic manner. Our sales associates and staff provide a safe and secure work environment of utmost professionalism to foster a sense of pride, esteem and teamwork.

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Business Brokers Network Australia

Business Brokers Network Australia (QLD)

Business Brokers Network Australia is a network of Licenced Business Brokers working together to provide Buyers and Sellers a greater range of choice.  If you want to sell your business, you have more Business Brokers working for you to sell your business.

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Business Brokers Queensland

Business Brokers Queensland (Queensland)

Established in 1996 by our Principal, Ron Frank, Business Brokers Queensland grew to be one of the largest brokerage firms in the country by 2001.  Struggling with the weaknesses of the traditional brokerage business model, Ron took on a new partner Shane Dingley in 2005 to reinvent the brokerage process resulting in extraordinary improvements in productivity and results for clients.

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Business Brokers Victoria

Business Brokers Victoria (VIC)

Business Brokers Victoria Australia is a highly professional Business Brokers firm based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We have over 35 years of consolidated business experience successfully dealing with all types and sizes of businesses.

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Business & Franchise Brokers Pty Ltd

Business & Franchise Brokers Pty Ltd (Victoria)

BF Brokers are a national brokerage firm based in Melbourne with services stretching Australia wide. BF Brokers has a dedicated team of Business Brokers with origins dating back to the 1990s.

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Business Merges & Sales

Business Merges & Sales (WA)

Specialists in business sales and valuations across Perth and throughout Western Australia The small to medium privately held business (SME) sector represent over 95 percent of all businesses in Australia. Each year, around $3.

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Central Coast Business Brokers

Central Coast Business Brokers (NSW)

John Ramsay has lived and worked on the Central Coast for over 30 years. He has successfully operated businesses in Sydney and on the Central Coast in Plumbing, Building, Real Estate Development, Catering, Excavation, Security, Importing, Real Estate & Business Brokerage over that period, employing up to 25 staff members at any one time.

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Yes. Business brokers are professionals who can assist you in buying or selling a business. A good business broker will have experience and guide you through the process with an exit strategy, market appraisal, advertising services, negotiations and connecting you with other relevant professionals for services such as legal documents. 

Yes. This directory showcases various brokerages around Australia. There are firms in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, NT, TAS and ACT. It is important to contact a broker in your state as the licensing differs state by state. Always check a brokers license before you engage their services. 


In 2021, Bsale designed the ‘Find a Business Broker’ section that allows business owners to search for a specific business broker who can assist with their sale. This section allows you to enter your industry and location and display business brokers that match the criteria. You can then view their profiles and current listings for sale to see if they are selling any businesses similar to yours. View our Find a Business Broker section. 

This can be found via the ‘Find a Business Broker’ section. If you search for a broker in your location and industry, you will be able to see their current listings and any sold listings that have remained on the system. It will help you assess their experience and potential ability to work with your business. View our Find a Business Broker section. 

Only current clients of Bsale can appear in the business broker directory. 

Experience speaks volumes. It's a good idea to look at a business broker's current listings, any sold listings and ask to view testimonials or speak with previous clients. Reputable business brokers are actively involved in business communities. 

This business broker directory includes Australia’s leading business brokers. All of the brokers listed are current clients of Bsale and support our family business. There is a range in size of brokerages from boutique firms to large franchised groups. 


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