Ironclad Security Trifecta Locked In -protected -written Distribution Agreements (gn14459sw)

Business For Sale Busselton, Western Australia 6280

Business Category Other Retail

$1,000,000 + SAV


Ironclad Security Trifecta Locked In -protected -written Distribution Agreements (gn14459sw)

Lucrative> 90% of incoming sales PAID CASH
Low Risk >48% of asking price =HIGH TANGIBLE ASSETS
Lifestyle>Cape to Cape Enclave = ICONIC DESTINATION

At the core of this enterprise lies the provision of products and services essential for safety, maintenance, and legal compliance that hold intrinsic value for both work, home and leisure.

With an empowered customer base exceeding 8000, its sales continue on, regardless of economic fluctuations, as this business's products and services are always in demand out of necessity.

This powerhouse has forged its presence for over three decades, serving as the cornerstone in town for these essential products and services demanded by Government Departments and pivotal industry sectors, in addition to the vast number of people living in the community and surrounds.

Situated in the highly desirable South West Cape region is another key feature as it is poised to take advantage of the continuing growth widely reported in the region. With limited competition and LOCKED IN -PROTECTED -WRITTEN DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENTS, others just can't compete given its reputation, and it would be extremely difficult for anyone to set up new competition; in fact, the low competition in its 33 years underpins this low risk-and SECURE business!

Not only that, the business's adjusted profit reflected is based on the semi-managed operation. The owner is simply required to devote approximately 16 hours per week of their time, meaning you could take advantage of the beaches and attractions surrounding this coastal tourist mecca.

Who wouldn't want to live and work in one of the best regions in the world?

Key Features:
1. Written Agency Agreements: Firmly establishing its dominance and hindering competition, this business's agency agreements ensure an unceasing supply of essential products, fortifying its status as indispensable.
2. Secure Territorial Rights: Commanding an unassailable market position, it holds secured territorial rights, virtually guaranteeing minimal competition and maximum market penetration.
3. Under Semi-Management: Requiring a mere 16 hours per week from its owner, this business operates with seamless efficiency, offering unparalleled profitability and flexibility.
4. Long Lease: With a lengthy lease term, this business secures its investment, providing unwavering stability and long-term reassurance.
5. High Tangible Asset Value: Boasting tangible assets constituting approximately 48% of its total value, investors can rest assured that their stake is not only secure but poised for substantial growth.
6. Low Staffing: With a lean team of three full-time and one part time staff member, including a manager, operations are streamlined without the burden of managing a large workforce.
7. 90% COD Sales: Its financial robustness is evident through 90% cash-on-delivery sales, minimising cash flow concerns and maximising profitability.
8. Preferred Government Supplier: As a trusted supplier to government entities, its reputation precedes it, further solidifying its dominance in the market.
9. Iconic Destination: With the onset of direct flights from Busselton Airport to the East Coast, the region is buzzing! Who wouldn't want to live in this coastal tourist mecca that others may only hopeto visit only a few weeks a year?
10. Potential To Buy Itself: This business is so strong…… it can actually buy itself!
Hard to believe, but it's true…

…For example – Finance-approved Buyers with required real estate equity could potentially borrow the full asking price, paying no deposit. Let's assume your target is to pay off the full-price loan entirely out of the business in, say, ten years. The following example reflects the surplus profit after deducting the annual principal and interest loan repayments. As each person's personal loan requirements will be different, you should only use the parameters below as a guide before speaking to your own financier for an accurate quote.

You should not rely on the example below as financial advice -rather, as above, you should contact your own financial institution and accountant for an accurate position.

Purchase price payback potential example only;
Example parameters
• Full price funding example $1,500,000
• No deposit
• 10-year loan term -principal and interest
• Interest rate at, say, 9%
• Monthly repayments =approximately $19,002 per month ( Average profit per month approx. $37,805)
• Potential annual cash surplus = $225,639 per annum after deducting the annual principal and interest loan repayments

1. You have an asset purchased fully by the business's own profit.
2. An owner-manager dedicating around 16 hours per week would have potentially received a cash surplus of some $235,263 each year after servicing full-price loan repayments.
3. With no Loan repayments after ten years – your surplus substantially increases.
4. Selling the business after full loan payback generates the ultimate cash jackpot.
This very lucrative FAST CASH inwards business currently reflects around 90% of sales paid at the time, and with the tangible assets equating to almost half of the asking price of $1,500,000, including stock, won't last long as it is rare that a business like this comes to market, but with a genuine reason for sale you will need to hurry.

We have done most of the homework for you, which is detailed in our 100+ page full-colour business report. The REPORT IS NEARING COMPLETION - Please register your interest now by clicking on the "email me" link at the top right-hand corner of the screen, and we will notify you when the report is ready to view.

Please note: the sale of this business is highly confidential, and as a result – no phone information will be handed out. Only registered approved Buyers will be given first preference for this outstanding business.
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