Get Creative: Australia’s Small Business Owners Think Progessively

by Sufyan 16th of October, 2015

Small business owners can have it tough in the face of big competition, but alternative and fresh ways of thinking can help them progress forward. Thanks to the fact that modestly sized enterprises can often have more freedom to make decisions than huge conglomerates, a touch of progressive mindedness can go a long way.

So, just how creative are the thoughts of Australia's small business owners?

Leading the pack

Well, the Martin Prosperity Institute found that Australian businesses are leading the way with their innovative thinking. Australia overtakes Sweden as the most creative nation for enterprise, with the US, New Zealand and Canada all following in the country's wake.

What can you learn from the result if you're looking into businesses for sale in Australia? It goes to show that success in the long term could be down to the way you approach the endeavour, and get creative with decision making.

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Going experimental

Carol Roth, an online business adviser, found that a progressive, experimental approach can actually help enterprise owners breed success. In fact, if you're still relatively new to the world of business, allowing for some missteps is par for the course.

These shouldn't be shied away from, however, as each mistake can be used to progress the endeavour in the right direction, if it's used as a learning experience.


To that end, Forbes contributor Roger Trapp explained that small businesses need to consistently look within for answers, and be critical of their decisions.

There can be no denying that creative thinking can go a long way for small business owners. Fortunately, here in Australia, the environment for those looking into buying a business is ripe for creativity and alternative ways of thinking.

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