Beechworth Sweet Company for Sale: Share in the Magic

by Vanessa Lovie 18th of January, 2023
Beechworth Sweet Company for Sale: Share in the Magic
Beechworth Sweet Company for Sale: Share in the Magic

Nestled in the foothills of Victoria’s High Country is the historic gold-mining town of Beechworth. Favourited as a tourist destination just 3 hours from Melbourne and 40 min from Albury / Wodonga. People flock to the region to revel in the town's attractions. 

With claims its "Australia's finest historic gold-mining town" Visitor Information, you can step back in time to experience the gold-mining era. 

Offering one of Victoria's best historic gold rush experiences, Beechworth is “one of the most popular tourist towns in North East Victoria. It got a lot going for it” shares agent Dallas Lodge. 

“Heritage and natural attractions. Good accommodation and a great holiday destination”


Experience the Joy


When heading on an Aussie vacation, stumbling across a sweets shop in a tourist town it's like all your dreams have come true. 

“Visitors remark that entering our store reminds them of a cross between Alice In Wonderland, Aladdin’s Cave and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Sweet Company

With 4.5 stars and over 250 Google reviews, customers share the joy of visiting this iconic store.


“Another must if you visit Beechworth is to stop at the lolly shop and get your sugar sweet fix. The kids enjoyed the wide selection of lollies. The staff were friendly and polite” Peter Lowden

“A really delightful place with so many choices!!! Ended up buying locally made rocky road and chocolate-covered coffee beans.  The shop set-up is gorgeous and welcoming as well.  A must-visit when at Beechworth” Marta Tesoro

This 30-year-old business has been an icon in the town of Beechworth with many tourists ensuring they return. 

“10 years ago I walked into this store on a week-long school music excursion and was blown away by the range. I recently revisited this store and I was not disappointed. They have a massive range of confectionery - both imported and local” Adam Lichoudaris


Good Things Come in Twos


Beechworth Sweets Company was established in 1992 and later In 2016, the owners set up a second store in Mansfield VIC. You can experience the joy of the tourist trade in this relatively simple business in two locations - Beechworth and Mansfield.

The current owner is transitioning into retirement and offering this very unique opportunity.

“Sales like this don't come across people's desks every day. It's a pretty niche business. The location of the businesses, longevity, long lease and genuine progression to retirement ticks a lot of boxes” agent, Dallas Lodge shares. 

“The current owner used to be the bookkeeper for the previous owner. Then she purchased the Beechworth business 8 years ago” 

Mansfield was established in 2016 and continues to see “year-on-year increases in sales”.

This business has proven to be stable and successful for its owners. It is now ready for the next generation.


Simple and Sweet 


This business is relatively simple to operate, with minimal on-site food preparation. Its focus is on customer service, product sourcing, team management and sales. 

“This business is easier to run than say a bakery” Dallas Lodge

“The fudge is the only product that is manufactured in-house and accounts for about 5% of their products. The rest of the products are sourced elsewhere”

“They have good supplier relationships and have got everything down pat to the products they source. It’s a relatively simple business to operate because of that”

With trained and experienced staff in both locations, it's primed for transition to a new owner. 

This a genuine sale as the owner is approaching retirement age.


Who is the Perfect Buyer?


An iconic business in a tourist town - needs to remain just that to continue its success.

“The business is relatively important for the town of Beechworth” Dallas Lodge

“In my opinion, it could be someone from Beechworth or within close proximity such as Albury/Wodonga or Wangaratta. Someone within an hour's drive”

With the owner currently transitioning out of the business. It is the perfect opportunity for an investor or someone locally to acquire the business. 


“The business continues to see year-on-year growth”

“The owner is now working in the business 3 days a week”

“Really healthy turnover and bottom line. To the point where it could be bought and managed by an investor from afar, whether it be Melbourne or elsewhere”

With the growth in online sales and eCommerce sites, someone with experience in digital marketing could drive online sales even further. 

The business is already profitable, but every buyer wants to know ‘what more can I do’ and this business is primed and ready for further growth, especially online. 

“There is an online presence. But it’s probably something a buyer could look at increasing and pushing up sales”

Genuine buyers make contact with Dallas Lodge at Finn Business Sales

> You can view the listing here



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