$20 Sales Every Minute. This Mobile Food Van is Rockin’!

by Vanessa Lovie 10th of January, 2023
$20 Sales Every Minute. This Mobile Food Van is Rockin’!
$20 Sales Every Minute. This Mobile Food Van is Rockin’!

Seven years ago the dream of owners Trish and Julie was to build a business that suited their lifestyle and passion, and they did just that.

“We have worked in the event and food industries for years and saw a need for it.”

“Julie rang me and said, ‘I don't want to work a full-time job anymore do you want to start a donut van?’”

This call sparked the idea and these entrepreneurs set about creating van designs and establishing the business name.

“It's got to be something different, something fun and exciting and we thought ‘rockin’ so.. let's do Rockin’ Donuts and Coffee."

They went on to build a 50’s themes donut food van ‘Rockin’ Donuts and Coffee’ and later followed with the ‘Rockin’ Twistie Potatoe’ van that has customers beaming;

“Fresh, soft inside with a crisp, sugar-coated outside. Probably the best donuts I had in my life.” Joost Kramers, Google review.

“These donuts were amazing! Just happened to pass by on the way home, and tried them out! Delicious, and fresh! Will definitely be back!” Victoria Shields, Facebook. 

With reviews like this and as a preferred supplier by Geelong Council, it's no wonder they draw a crowd. I mean, who can say no to hot crispy donuts?

“A lot of the events that we are at we will have lines of 100 people. We have a very good reputation. We are the drawcard at many events"


Mobile food van for sale
Image: Night market with a long line of customers. 


2023 is Booked Solid!


Every business owner knows the importance of future sales. Forecasts and projections are important to know what lies ahead and how to allocate resources.

These entrepreneurs have ensured their business is ready for the year ahead. “The new buyer will walk into a full diary of events” - what icing on the cake!

“A lot of people don't understand how hard it is to get into events. You can make a food van, but you can't take it anywhere unless you build relationships with people.”

Getting access to the best events in town - is where the money is at!

“We’re in over 50 annual events. That includes events such as Moomba, White Night, Geelong Show, Firelight, Cadel Evans Bike Race, Colac Show, The Geelong Revival, and The National Celtic Festival. All big events that are solidly booked”                
On average, these entrepreneurs work 100 days a year. Focused on events and weekend trade.

“We say no to two events every week because we can’t manage it with family commitments. We just focus on the big events. If you were younger and keener you could be working more than we do”


rockin coffee food van for sale

Image: Weekend market with Rockin' Twistie Potatoe


What makes these vans so successful?


Well besides the delicious hot donuts and ‘chips on a stick’? Quick turnaround!

Every operator knows that time is money and if you can’t produce food quickly enough you will lose customers to another food van.

“We're fast. We make one sale every 30 seconds.”

“We can work with two people in a van or at a festival we can have 5 people. So we’re very fast” With limited food wastage, this business model is very successful. We don't have a lot of waste. It's a very high-profit business that doesn't have a lot of preparation.”    

“It's a really fun business. It's not like going to work in an office. Wherever you go, everyone is out having fun and is in a really good mood. It’s lovely.”  


The road ahead...

Weekends and events are where the big money is.

“It's a great business and there is good money out there. We’re just getting a bit older. We did carols last night, it was fantastic, we made a lot of money, but it’s also a late night.”

These seasoned entrepreneurs have focused on events but agree there is so much room for weekday trade for energetic owners.               

“We also have a location if someone did want to work during the week as well. They can park any days they want to. We hold the lease on Portarlington foreshore for the potato van. We pulled out this year because we just can't manage. But the new owners can take this location and extend their trading hours."          

With corporate and school events - there is the opportunity to extend the trading hours.     



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Whilst it would be beneficial for the buyer to take on the current pre-booked events, Streatrader makes it easy for food vans to move throughout Victoria.       

“We are registered in Geelong. All the councils in Victoria have an agreement. If you registered with one council you just put in an application with Streatrader and the other council picks up your details.”

When questioned by Bsale who would be the perfect buyer the ladies laughed.

“Someone younger than us. Someone in their 40s with teenage children would be ideal.” 

With the time to focus on the grandkids, these entrepreneurs are ready to take a step back. 

“We’ve really built a beautiful business were very proud of”                    

Forward bookings, impressive sales, genuine sellers - this business is ready for the new owners. 

Genuine buyers make contact with Elle at Absolute Business Brokers to find out more.

You can view the listing here 

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