Bsale Buyer Alerts Help you to Buy a Business

by Vanessa Lovie 5th of September, 2022
Bsale Buyer Alerts Help you to Buy a Business
Bsale Buyer Alerts Help you to Buy a Business

When you are looking to buy a business there are thousands of opportunities on the market. How do you find a good business to buy that suits your budget and skill set? 

New listings are added to Bsale daily and our 6 am alerts can help inspire you!

Every day more unique opportunities and ‘hot buys’ are addedthat may not stay on the market very long. There are cafes for sale in prime locations, fuel stations with freehold land titles, dry cleaners with large hotel clients, all turning decent profits and all with the desire to sell. 

We wanted to give our audience a quick wrap-up of Bsale Buyer Alerts, what they are capable of doing. Here are 7 reasons why the Bsale Buyer Alerts can help you to buy a business


1. Save Time


Every morning around 6 am, Bsale will fire off an email to you with the latest listings matching your search criteria. We specifically schedule it for early in the morning so you can get the inside scoop on opportunities before your day has even begun.

A lot of our buyers are already business owners, they are up early, they have their to-do list for the day and we know that early in the morning is a good time for them to review what’s been added. 

Of course, we love when you come and search on Bsale, maybe your desires have changed, but getting that early email is a quick and easy way to see what's available. 


2. Early Bird Gets the Worm


When you buy a business you are purchasing an enterprise that is designed to generate an income. Depending on your reasonings for buying a business, good quality businesses won’t last long. There are a number of factors that can make a good business. 

  • Good Net Profit to the Owner
  • Growth Potential
  • Location
  • Well-established teams and systems
  • Branding, Trademarks, IPs 
  • Fair market price
  • Quality market share in a specific industry

On Bsale you will find businesses valued from $20,000 to over $5,000,000. That's a lot of variety and variation. Depending on your budget and the type of buyer you are, seeing what is listed when it's first listed will help you be the first one knocking on the seller's door. 

It is becoming more popular for established businesses to buy a similar business so they can expand their operations. It is often seen as more cost-effective and time-saving to buy a business with a similar product or service and obtain its client base and team and continue to grow. So buying a business isn't just for the 'one at a time' business owners. 

3. Spark Change


Maybe you commute 3 hours a day to work or don't enjoy your 9-5. Maybe your boss is just hard work and you don't want to deal with them anymore. When you sign up for Bsale buyer alerts you are allowing yourself to be inspired. Change is hard. 

Whether you’ve been a business owner before or it will be your first venture, let me assure you that business ownership is a challenge but it can be very rewarding. 

One of the greatest benefits of buying an established business is that so much of that initial groundwork is already done (and unless you’ve built a business before, let me tell you - it's damn hard work!). You get to walk into a business that has systems, processes, teams, products, branding, marketing and so much more.

That 6am emails can help you see the day a little differently, maybe it sparks the desire for change. Love dogs and being outdoors? Perhaps a dog washing business for sale is your perfect match!


Bsale Buyer Alerts Sample to Buy a Business
Bsale Buyer Alerts Sample to Buy a Business September 2022

Image: Sample of Bsale Buyer Alerts emailed. > Register online to receive 


4. Knowledge


When you buy a business a major part of the process is due diligence. What is also important is having an understanding of similar businesses for sale, what has recently been sold and if there are other types or industries of businesses you could be interested in. 

The 6am Bsale Buyer Alerts email can fire those brain cells, it keeps you informed on what is happening.

Say for instance you live in a country town and are looking for a business for sale in Wagga Wagga. We can let you know when a cafe, construction business, local pub or lawn mowing franchise is listed for sale. You can be well informed on what is happening in your town. 

This can help keep you well informed whether you buy a business this month or next year. Knowledge of what is hitting the market, and who are the business brokers in your area, can help you make decisions. 


5. Multiple Criteria


You might know the type of business you want or the location. It’s up to you to set the criteria. Whenever a business is listed matching that criteria we will let you know in that 6am Bsale buyer alerts email. 

Perhaps you want a business for sale in Melbourne or a Cafe for Sale in Brisbane. You can create the criteria that suit you. Perhaps you're looking for a friend, we don’t want to restrict you. 



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6. Sellers Can Compare


Just as the Bsale Buyer Alerts is aimed at people looking to buy a business it is very valued by sellers and current business owners. If you are operating a business at the moment and thinking about selling, you need to know what comparable businesses are listed for sale and which business brokers are selling them. 

There is no point in making the decision to sell a business and having absolutely no idea what other businesses have sold in your area, or how much you might get as an appraisal. 

Getting the knowledge of business sales in your town or industry months in advance of selling can help you in preparing your exit strategy and will make you well informed when the time comes, so you can make better decisions. 


7. Business Brokers See Industry Changes


As a business broker it's vital you know what is happening within certain industries and locations. If you are focused on an area such as businesses for sale in Newcastle. You should signup for alerts, and see what businesses are being advertised for sale and which local competitors are getting the listings. 

This can help you gauge why it is happening, where they are sourcing the clients, how they are writing their ad copy, and how you can do more to service your clients and get more listings. 

The Bsale Buyer Alerts system was created for our users, it was made so that listings can be tracked and search alerts can let you know of new listings. It is completely free and helps keep you well-informed on local and industry opportunities. 

Register for Bsale Buyer alerts and spark that desire to buy a business. 


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