Looking To Buy a Cafe Under $300,000? Check These Out!

by Catherine Mangana 6th of June, 2024
Looking To Buy a Cafe Under $300,000? Check These Out!
Looking To Buy a Cafe Under $300,000? Check These Out!

When buying a business for sale, cafe and coffee shops are always a popular choice. There are over 2,000 cafes for sale at any time in Australia giving a large array of opportunities. With an average price of just $400,000 they present an attainable option for many people looking to become business owners. 

So what if you have $300,000 to spend? Should you buy a cafe and what are the options? Whilst $300,000 is below the average price of a cafe in 2024, it doesnt mean there aren't viable and profitable options for the right buyer. 

Why are cafes so popular?

A lot of people thank the migrant boom of the 50's and 60's, with many Italian and Greek migrants making their way to Australia and introducing the coffee Australians know and love today to the market. Whilst it is credited as coming with the first fleet in 1788, there was a boom in the 1900 with italians and espresso machines.

Aussies take their coffee culture very seriously, so the demand for a good cup of coffee is always there. A perfectly balanced espresso forms the basis of all coffee drinks and what is expected to drive most of the customers and profit margins to the business, with offerings such as baked goods, lunch and breakfast options taking a back seat. 

Australians consumed around two kilograms of coffee per person in 2021 and this industry (along with restaurants and take-aways) contributes more than 4.5 billion Australian dollars in gross value added to the Australian economy. So whether your looking at coffee roasters in brisbane or a country cafe, you will have the community support. 

Put simply, Aussies love to drink coffee. 


Do you actually need $300,000 in savings?


Not really ... Welcome to one of the hardest parts about buying a business - sourcing the funds. There are a few ways to fund the purchase of a business, but if your short on money here 3 strategic ways to meet the gap:

  1. Get a loan from a lender to buy the cafe, you may need to place a minumum deposit of 40%
  2. Look at buy-out periods or vendor finance
  3. Look at loans for the equipment such as coffee machines and delivery vans

A business that is selling for under $300,000 will most likely have a small team and tend to be owner-operator. You need to factor this into your decision, whether you have the skills and the time to run the cafe. Remember, most cafes are open long hours and require continual staffing, depnding on where it is located. 

Once example is a cafe for sale in bowral that has weekly takings of $12,500  and is netting $3,600. It is priced at just $205,000. So there are some great opporunities out their to buy a business and yourself a job. 


Here are 10 cafes under $300,000 worth considering


Cafe for Sale in VIC udner $300k


1. Eighty8 Cafe and Bar

  • Price: $180,000
  • Location: Shepparton, VIC
  • Description: Cafe and bar with takings of $12,000 to $15,000 per week, low rent, and existing liquor license.
  • View Details


2. High Quality Cafe For Sale

  • Price: $299,000 + SAV
  • Location: Mackay, QLD
  • Description: A well-established cafe in Mackay, known for specialty coffee and great food.
  • View Details


3. Cafe - Urgent Sale

  • Price: $95,000
  • Location: Western Australia
  • Description: Immaculately presented cafe in a prestigious suburb, open 7:00 am to 2:30 pm with potential for extra hours.
  • View Details


4. Charming Well-Loved Cafe - Excellent Growth Potential

  • Price: $100,000
  • Location: Oberon, NSW
  • Description: A well-established cafe with a rich history and excellent growth potential.
  • View Details


5. Established Cafe in Sydney

  • Price: $220,000
  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Description: A beloved cafe in Sydney's North Shore with a reputation for outstanding service and quality.
  • View Details


6. Highly Visible Cafe for Sale Prime location within the city

  • Price: $125,000
  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Description: A cafe in Darlinghurst, Sydney, with an existing customer base and superior location.
  • View Details


7. Thriving Cafe at the Heart of Dulwich Hill, Inner West

  • Price: $230,000
  • Location: Sydney, NSW
  • Description: A popular cafe in Dulwich Hill known for its great coffee, breakfast, and lunch options.
  • View Details


8. Busy South Yarra Cafe

  • Price: $168,000
  • Location: South Yarra, VIC
  • Description: An established cafe in South Yarra with a modern fit-out and high weekly takings.
  • Link: View Details


9. Cafe - Coffee Shop - Takeaway - Takings $12,500 p.w. Netting $3600 p.w.

  • Price: $205,000
  • Location: Bowral, NSW
  • Description: A long-established cafe offering breakfast and lunch, well-supported by locals.
  • Link: View Details


10. New Profitable Food Cafe Take Away 

  • Price: $150,000 + SAV
  • Location: Mount Pritchard, NSW
  • Description: A cosy cafe situated on a main road with a school nearby and a high traffic area.
  • View Details


So can you buy a profitable cafe under $300,000?


Yes, you can. Most likely it will be owner-operator or with a small team but it is possible. Location is very important in cafes so always review the lease and make sure you understand what is involved in buying a cafe. 

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