3 Types of Online Businesses Trending in 2013

by 4th of April, 2013

Looking to work from home or start an online business? Here are some online business that are trending in 2013. There are plenty of online businesses to choose from, many with low start up fee's. When looking to buy an online business be sure to check out all the details first... will there be a monthly fee? are there any royalties or commissions you pay? How much flexibility do you have? Do you purchase the actual business or just a licence?

Online Retail Stores

With the change in retail sales, a number of retailers are now going online to sell their products. There are a number of online retail e-commerce stores coming online to meet shoppers demands.


Online Travel Businesses

The internet is changing the way many people plan and book their travel. With websites such as expedia and wotif becoming common in many individuals travel plans so are online travel agents. There are also a number of wholesale travel agents online (e.g. the agent gets a special package from a resort in Fiji and can sell it online exclusively for 48 hours before other agencys such as flight centre receive the deal. A number of these deals can be found online).
Here is an example of an online business in the luxury travel industry.

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There are a number of these types of businesses on the market at the moment. They all offer a different range of services or product that you will be able to sell and you should read the details clearly. Some are promotional services, personal development or home based sales. 

So no matter which online business you choose to go with, always remember it is a business and no business makes money without work. investigate each business and determine if you are part of a franchise, licensing agreement or buying the business outright.

Have you recently bought an online business? Have you noticed any trends that are happening with online businesses in 2013. 

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