Why Small Surprises are key to SME Recovery in 2022 – Here’s 8 Ways to do it

by Milton Collins 27th of May, 2022
Why Small Surprises are key to SME Recovery in 2022 – Here’s 8 Ways to do it
Why Small Surprises are key to SME Recovery in 2022 – Here’s 8 Ways to do it

Despite the problems caused by COVID-19, the Australian economy is very strong. As lockdowns have eased and borders are open, it’s important that your business stands out to retain your current clients and also develop new leads.

The most efficient way to do this is to turn your existing clients into raving fans. These ambassadors drive referrals, stay loyal and do a large part of your marketing for you. The best way to make a customer or client rave about you is to delight them. Most people tend to enjoy surprises, just so long as they are carefully planned to really benefit them.

By pleasing an existing or potential customer, you encourage them to enjoy more of the company's work and refer you to their friends and business associates. It also helps you retain and attract great team members. But how does a company go about delighting its customer base? 


1. Provide more than expected

If you just complete a job or provide goods or services as expected then it does not really surprise or delight them. It is the small additional surprises that make the memorable difference. I like to provide additional information or tasters of other products that we have. 


2. Demonstrate their Return on Investment (ROI)

Make sure the client can see the return on investment by clearly demonstrating or discussing the impact with them. Show that the outcome is critical to you and that you want to make sure they see and understand the benefit they have derived.


3. Celebrate with them 

Take the time to celebrate their wins not just yours. If there has been positive results then celebrate with them. It may even be unrelated to the work that you have done with them.

Celebrations can be small gifts, handwritten notes, or just taking the time to have lunch and brainstorm. Just celebrate! 


4.  Communication

Keep in touch and surprise them with other relevant information or what else you can do for them. Invest in their success by as much contact as possible – without being annoying. 

Of course, make sure you get back to them as soon as possible if they contact you. Or at least send a reply letting them know when you can. In today’s world where we all juggle competing demands of our time and attention, clients and prospects are delighted when they feel that you care about them and give them a priority.



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5. Exceed Expectations 

While it may sound cliche, under promise and overdeliver. More important than "delighting" a customer by agreeing to custom requests and accelerated timelines, make realistic commitments and then beat them. Also, keep your customer informed along the way of your progress in meeting those commitments so there are no unexpected surprises. 


6. Look for and Solve A Pain Point 

Ask what their concerns or problems may be and provide a solution. Don’t just try and sell your product. Delight them by taking the time to find out their pain points and offer a solution.


7. Develop a relationship

Surprise and delight prospects and customers is by connecting with them and making the relationship about more than just work transactions.  Find out about their hobbies, interests, family and even aspirations. Take them out for lunch or a drink. Get to know them.


8. Be aware of their activities

Follow their activities in the media, Facebook or occasionally google them – better still contact with a simple “how’s things?”.

It is the small surprises and delights that make you stand out from your competitors. It makes you memorable and shows that you care more than just making a sale. These raving fans can be the make or break of business recovery, and all you have to do is delight them.



Milton Collins

Author of Delight Disrupt Deliver, is a sought-after business coach, qualified Accountant and an award-winning business owner.

As the principal of The Action Business Coach, Milton dedicates his time to helping small business owners meet the challenges and maximise the opportunities of their businesses.


0419 464 444


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