With the New Airport Opening in 2026 Now is the Time to Look at Businesses for Sale in Sydney

by Vanessa Lovie 2nd of September, 2022
With the New Airport Opening in 2026 Now is the Time to Look at Businesses for Sale in Sydney
Now is the Time to Look at Businesses for Sale in Sydney

Western Sydney is set to boom with the opening of the Western Sydney Airport in 2026. On Bsale we have some great businesses for sale in Sydney that have the potential to grow in the coming years due to increased infrastructure and population. We take a look at areas surrounding the Western Sydney Airport and why it might be the right time to buy a business for sale in Sydney. 

The $11 Billion Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek is well underway and scheduled for completion and to begin operating in 2026. It will bring in 10 million passengers a year. Creating buzz, the South West corridor of Sydney is changing and getting a lot of attention. 

It is expected that thousands of jobs and opportunities for local businesses will be created due to the Airports development. It is expected to support almost 28,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2031, five years after the airport opens.

With 30,000 homes expected to be built in Western Sydney and $139 million spent to fund 24 separate projects as part of the NSW government's Accelerated Infrastructure Fund, the population is set to increase. With new houses being built, people require local products and services. Buying a business for sale in Western Sydney could be a good investment. 




Why You Should Consider a Business for Sale in Sydney


The new airport is being built in Badgerys Creek which is in Western Sydney. Train lines are in development to connect the new Western Sydney airport to the existing Sydney Airport and surrounding areas, creating more opportunities for the businesses for sale in Sydney, Liverpool, Campbelltown and Parramatta. We take a look at the 3 major CBD hubs surrounding the Airport. 


Liverpool NSW


Liverpool is the largest city southwest of the Sydney CBD and is located just 17km from the Western Sydney Airport. The council has seen a large growth in the past 2 years with $1 billion of development applications approved. 

According to the Liverpool Champion in 2020 there were applications approved for:

  • $105 million: 35-storey mixed-use development on Elizabeth Street in Liverpool CBD.

  • $95.4 million: Multi-storey warehouse complex at Prestons (6km west of Liverpool CBD).

  • $93.5 million: Liverpool Westfield entertainment and leisure precinct and office tower on the CBD's Macquarie Street.

  • $100 million: A mixed-use development of 14-storey and 20-storey residential towers on Bathurst Street, also in the CBD.

There are additional plans for a $110m hotel and apartment complex called The Grand Liverpool to be built on 402 Macquarie Street in Liverpool. It will comprise 72 apartments and 192 rooms in a four-star hotel. It is forecast to open in 2024, just in time for the new airport.

Liverpool is a growing CBD and buying a business for sale in Liverpool could be a positive investment for an entrepreneur. Liverpool has a Westfield, University, Government Buildings, Manufacturing and a large population all within reach of the Sydney CBD and Western Sydney Airport via the M5 and M7 motorways. 

There are numerous suburbs in the Liverpool region with businesses for sale worth considering:

Liverpool is a multicultural hub of Sydney and hosts many markets and events in the CBD to bring the community together including Stary Sari Night, Blessed Nights and more. With a strong council, it is embracing the local community and businesses. 

Campbelltown NSW


Campbelltown is a thriving CBD Hub with numerous housing developments in the neighbouring towns of Gregory Hills, Oran Park, Menangle Park and more. With average house prices over $1 million, these brand new estates are drawing attention from professionals wanting a quiter life and larger blocks then CBD locations offer.

Macarthur Square shopping centre is the social and retail hub of the area, set over 2 levels it has many of the best shops including a Greater Union cinema.

Constructions have commenced on a $52 million world-class cancer centre & research hub. More than 750 local sub-contractors will be employed during construction. The facility will create 60 high-quality long-term healthcare jobs and have the capacity to deliver more than 30,000 treatments annually.

A $56 million leisure centre is planned for Oran Park and is set to be completed in May 2024. It will be located on Central Avenue and include a 50m indoor pool, leisure pool, spa, sauna, indoor courts and creche facilities. 

There are numerous suburbs in the Campbelltown Macarthur region, some of the best for business opportunities include:


Business for Sale in Parramatta Sydney
Image: Potential Business for sale in Parramatta Sydney

Parramatta NSW


30min to the new Western Sydney Airport, Parramatta is the largest CBD outside of Sydney. With a population of 258,315 as of the 30th June 2021 Parramatta is a thriving business hub. 

Numerous high-rise developments are planned for the Parramatta CBD including the $1.6 billion twin-tower project featuring a 57-storey office tower. The state government recently signed off on allowing additional 70-story buildings to be built across the Parramatta CBD after 9 years of planning and negotiations. There is an ambitious 40-year plan to reform the skylines across Parramatta. 

The Parramatta CBD is home to Westfield, Parramatta Eels Stadium, the bustling food district of Church Street and numerous headquarters for government and private enterprises. Investing in a business for sale in Parramatta is a growing hub with expanding opportunities.

Surrounding Parramatta CBD are areas worth looking at businesses for sale including; 


When you are considering businesses for sale, the future development of the area is important. As part of your due diligence process, you should be checking with local councils to see what is planned. A thriving CBD and growing community can be great for an established business. 

But what you need to make sure of is that there are no major road changes or shopping centre developments that could re-direct the current foot traffic of the business. This could ultimately reduce the sales and profits of the business. If you take a look at Church Street in Parramatta, many businesses have been affected in the last 2 years by the construction of the new Tram Line. You want to ensure your business will remain open and operational. 

The airport is scheduled to be completed and operational in just 4 years. Buying a business for sale in Sydney now gives you the time to search, buy and grow the business so it is ready to service the large population living and visiting the area. 


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