You won’t be-leaf this 18 year old online business for sale

by Caitlin Mary 15th of October, 2021
You won’t be-leaf this 18 year old online business for sale

This amazing opportunity is an online tea business for sale that has an established reputation, a premium sought after URL and has the benefit of allowing you to work from home. This is a small business with a big market.

The current co-owner, Martin, says “After water, it’s tea!. Tea is one of the most popular beverages all over the world. It's a great industry to be in and with the growth in online retail it’s a match made in heaven.” Martin said.

Established in 2003, the founding owners were pioneering tea sales online in Australia, but after a few years the business was on the decline. 


“When we took over, we instantly went to work to regain the position that the company once had. We’ve seen tremendous growth.” Martin said.

The previous owners used a drop ship model to run this business, which is an option that a new owner can easily pursue, but as Martin says, the business is technically “still a very small business.”

“My wife runs it out of home. It’s one of those businesses that gives you the opportunity to balance work and life, only 1-3 hours a day. All of the sales come through online.” Martin said.
Because it is an online store, Martin explains that “99% of the work is done online.” 

“There are still some wholesale customers that prefer to email or phone their order through, but we’ve had customers that have been with us from the beginning (like cafes and tea houses etc..) that buy on a regular basis, but the daily process is fairly simple.”.

“99% of the work is done online" - Martin

There are about 250 products currently sold in the online store and roughly 100 of them are fresh blends of three to five premium ingredients.

“We get the orders from the night before and it’s a process of either packing the teas or blending. We specialise in only premium leaf tea, no teabags. Everything comes out fresh and basically it’s just packing, putting in an envelope and sending away. So a fairly basic process for a new owner and then the tech aspect which is just basic customer service.” Martin said.

This 18 year old business has developed an impressive reputation and has tremendous potential to expand and grow, which is made easier by the brand new professional website that was created for the store late last year.

“There is a huge health push. We stock a lot of teas for detox, slimming, menopause arthritis; there is a tea for everything! There is a huge market.” Martin said. 

Online marketing and social media is one thing that Martin and his wife have not incorporated into their business practice, as much as they would have liked to.

“The ideal buyer would be somebody that has ‘an idea’. What we lack is that I don’t have the grasp of social media nor does my wife. So where we get stuck, is pushing the business to the next level. Social media is huge. Somebody who knows the social media game and how to use it to their advantage with influencers and such.”

“People realise the benefits of staying at home and having a little bit more balance in their life, so this business really suits somebody who wants to stay at home.” Martin said and in this climate, working from home for most is an attractive option. 

This business opportunity is perfect for somebody who has experience in social media and the drive to take it further and at the end of the day, “after water, there is tea”.

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