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Have you considered selling your business? After the challenging year we’ve had, many business owners have decided to pursue their next ideas…

Only you can decide when you are ready to take that next step, but with the advice of a trustworthy broker, you stand a better chance of navigating the complex sale process and receiving the maximum value for your business… Without a trustworthy broker, you face it alone.

For over years, I’ve helped owners who are looking to sell -- maybe today or maybe one year from today. My approach is based on you -- where you have full control of the process. My goal is that you sell your business with full certainty and for full value.

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Published Articles

Don't start from scratch when you can buy a business

Don't start from scratch when you can buy a business

SHREYANSH SHAH14 November 2023

Why reinvent the wheel when you can acquire an existing business? Starting from scratch may seem like a blank canvas, but it often entails a long and uncertain journey. In contrast, buying an existing business offers several advantages that can make the entre... Read More » 2 min read

From Owner to Broker: Why I Transitioned

From Owner to Broker: Why I Transitioned

SHREYANSH SHAH10 October 2023

Transitioning from being a hospitality business owner to becoming a business broker was a decision that stemmed from a combination of personal and professional reasons. It marked a significant shift in my career trajectory, but it was a journey that ultimately... Read More » 3 min read

With So Many for Sale. How Do I Sell a Cafe or Restaurant?

With So Many for Sale. How Do I Sell a Cafe or Restaurant?


With the new year underway, it’s a great time to sell your cafe – especially if you got all your financials sorted. There are many buyers shopping for a business at the moment, and the majority would prefer to purchase an established enterprise... Read More » 6 min read

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