Benefits of Home Based Business Opportunities

by 19th of August, 2013

As technology advances, families becoming time poor and the commute getting longer, a lot of Australians are looking for home based business opportunities. Working from home has a number of benefits to the family and work-life balance.

There are a number of different businesses that are home based and not all of them involve sitting in front of a computer all day or making endless phone calls.

4 Benefits Home Based Business Opportunities:

  • No commute! Thousands of people spend hours sitting in traffic or on trains commuting to their workplace. These hours could be spent at home or on other important tasks in your life.
  • Flexibility! You don’t necessarily have to work 9-5 with a set lunch break. When you work from home you have the benefit of working the hours that suit you. Perhaps you prefer to work afternoons, evenings, early mornings. You have the flexibility to control your hours. 
  • No Rent! When you operate from home, there are no lock in rental leases. This can mean a saving of $500+ a week by not paying rent .
  • There is the potential to earn money that is in comparison to the corporate business world. You just have to realize the opportunities that are available.

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3 Types of Popular Home Based Business Opportunities:

  • Online Stores: this is one of the first home-based businesses people think of. With the internet getting faster and retail stores struggling there has been a huge increase in the number of online stores. Anything from Bicycle parts, cake decorations to timber fences. Running an online store can be financially rewarding but involves a strong understanding of SEO and online marketing. A consultant can always handle the web development side or you can learn platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla.
  • Service Businesses: A lot of service specialists now work from home. Including accountants, bookkeepers, hair dressers, beauty therapists, psychologists.
  • Mobile Businesses: These type of businesses, especially the franchised models have become very popular over the past few years. We now see coffee vans, dog washing, lawn mowing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning etc. Although you have to leave your home for this type of work, you still experience a number of the benefits mentioned above.

Operating a home-based business has a number of advantages for individuals who are dedicated and motivated to achieve results. It can often be hard work sourcing clients, staying motivated and doing all the extra work required to keep the business running as you don’t necessarily have “walk by” traffic – but the benefits to improved work / life balance is the main advantage for people.

Best of luck in buying a home based business opportunity. If you are looking to sell a business opportunity, Bsale has an Australia wide exposure package - that will get buyers seeing your ad all across Australia! 

Best Wishes in your Business Search!

Vanessa Lovie.

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