Should you consider franchising instead of buying a business?

by 23rd of January, 2017

If you're looking to become successful in business, one way to do it is to start your own company from scratch and build it into something big and profitable. This is a long, slow process, however, and there are no guarantees that it will work. It's possible that there's a simpler way to achieve success. For example, have you considered buying into an existing franchise?

Across Australia and elsewhere, there are all sorts of businesses looking to open new locations.

Across Australia and elsewhere, there are all sorts of businesses looking to open new locations. They include restaurants, retail stores and other establishments that are able to branch out and appeal to customers in new areas. By buying in and opening a new branch of a franchise, you can capitalise on a brand that's already successful and reap the benefits. Have you considered this?

The pros and cons of franchising

Buying into a franchise might seem like a more attractive option than finding a separate, distinct business for sale. This perception is both true and not; according to the Franchise Council of Australia, there are pros and cons involved.

The major benefit of franchising is you already work for an established brand. If people are already familiar with the store or restaurant chain you're operating, it's easier to sell them on the idea of patronising yours. The biggest drawback? Autonomy. You don't always get to run your business your own way. More often than not, you're forced to play by the franchiser's rules.

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Profits may come, but they won't come easy

It might seem like, when you find a franchiser selling a business and you pounce quickly, it will be easy to make a profit from day one. The Sydney Morning Herald cautions that this isn't necessarily true – there will be a lag in activity in the beginning before you gain traction, and it might be difficult to meet expenses.

Even with a successful franchise, you still have to do the marketing legwork.
Also: Even if your franchise's brand is already well know, you still can't give up on marketing. It takes time and effort to reinforce the idea in people's minds that your franchise location is open and ready for business.

Explore the options available now

There are certainly pros and cons to signing on with a franchise, but there's no doubt the move can be profitable if you do it right. To explore your options, log onto our website and see what's out there.

At Bsale, we have all sorts of companies available for purchase including franchises and entirely distinct business ventures. Whatever you're looking for, chances are good that we can find a match for you.

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