WA Business Brokers Win the National Awards at the AIBB

by Vanessa Lovie 29th of August, 2022
WA Business Brokers Win the National Awards at the AIBB
WA Business Brokers Win the National Awards at the AIBB in 2022

Last week the AIBB held their 2022 Annual Conference in Sydney and announced the Award winners for the most successful business brokers. Western Australia had two very strong contenders taking out both the National Business Broker of the year and Specialist Business Broker of the year Awards. 

The criteria were strict and competition was strong. Experienced business brokers welcomed the chance to compete and take out the coveted yearly awards. In the 2022 financial year, entrants had to of sold 10 businesses to be eligible for the National Award, or 5 businesses for the State and Rising Star Awards. To be successful, points were awarded based on a number of factors including; successful sales, commitment to clients and industry as well as personal and professional development. 

This year's AIBB winners excelled well beyond the minimum levels to assist their clients in successful transactions. It is evident from this year's list of winners, that the more you commit, the more passion you have to assist your clients and the industry - the more successful you will be. 


The National Winners


National Business Broker


Catherine Jones the director of Zircom Business Brokers took out the title of National Business Broker of the year and Western Australian Business Broker of the year. As a qualified chartered accountant with years of experience in mid-size accounting firms, Catherine joined Zircom 7 years ago to assist business owners.

“A big thank you to my amazing team at Zircom, my network and all our clients both past and present who have trusted me to help them sell their business so they can move onto their next chapter. I love what I do and I am very grateful to be on this journey - this is such an exciting time for me!” Catherine Jones, Linkedin.

Catherine Jones - AIBB National Business Broker
Image: Ian Jones - National President and Chair AIBB, Catherine Jones - Zircom Business Brokers, Joanna Oakey - Aspect Legal.

To be eligible for the business broker of the year award, the applicants must have sold a minimum of 10 businesses during the period of 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. They were assessed for their ability to successfully transact a business sale, commitment to clients, commitment to industry and demonstration of continued learning and personal development. It's safe to say Catherine sold well over the minimum requirement of 10 business sales. 

Catherine won Western Australia Business Broker of the year in 2019 and 2020, and it is her first year as National Business Broker of the year. It is great to see Catherine's professional development and continuing to deliver successful results for her clients which have led her to take out the National Award this year. 

Specialist National Business Broker


Business Brokers who are focused on specific industries such as hospitality, medical, salons or automotive are classed as specialist business brokers. They have vast experience in buying and selling businesses in their niche market and this knowledge is very valuable to their clients.  

Bradley Potter - AIBB Specialist Business Broker Award

Image: Ian Jones - National President and Chair AIBB, Bradley Potter - Health Inc, Slattery Auctions 

Bradley Potter from Health Linc is no stranger to the awards platform, taking out National Specialist Business Broker of the year for the 4th time. As Director of Health Linc for over 13 years Bradly has extensive knowledge in the Health sector assisting dental, medical, veterinary, chiropractic, physiotherapy, pharmacy and allied health professionals to buy and sell businesses. 

Bradley’s accolades with the AIBB include Senior Business Broker of the year 2011-2017; National Specialist Business Broker 2018, 2019, and 2021; and  WA Specialist Business Broker 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. 


Rising Star Award


Starting out as a new business broker can be daunting. Finding clients and successfully guiding them through to settlement is a lot to learn in the initial stages. To be eligible for the Rising Star Award the business broker must have joined the industry in the last 3 years and sold a minimum of 5 businesses during the period 1 July 2021 to 30 June 20222. They were also assessed on successful transactions, dedication to clients, committed to the industry and continued personal development. 

Scott Harbour - AIBB Rising Star Award

Image: Ian Jones National President and Chair AIBB, Scott Harbour - Xcllusive Business Sales, Abhishek Maharaj - Winquote

Scott Harbour from Xcllusive Business Sales was presented with the Rising Star Award. Operating on the Central Coast and Newcastle Regions of NSW Scott brought his 15 years of experience as a business owner in the repossessions field into the business brokerage industry.

It is a common theme for business brokers to come from a history of business ownership. The experience in operating a business provides a strong platform to be able to understand a client's needs and requirements during the sales process. Scott has started his business broker career very strong and we look forward to his continued success. 


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National President and Chair Award


Every year the National President and Chair present an award to a business broker with outstanding dedication to the industry. Kevin Lovewell from Negotia Group received this prestigious award. This is the 3rd year Kevin has received this award also receiving in 2019 and 2020. 

Kevin has been part of Negotia Group for the past 8 years and recently launched Divest, Merge and Acquire with a focus on advisory and project management in M&A work for larger firms.

Kevin Lovewell - National President Award

 Image: Ian Jones - National President and Chair AIBB, Kevin Lovewell - Negotia Group. 


The State Winners


Business Brokers must have sold a minimum of 5 businesses in the 2021 financial year and be a member of the AIBB to enter. Business Brokers had to complete an application process showcasing their successful sales, client testimonials, professional development and commitments to the industry. 

The Awards were presented to business brokers across multiple brokerages in Australia. It is evident that boutique and larger firms have featured in this year's Awards. This showcases the commitment of brokerages to their teams and builds an environment that encourages professional development.

Business Brokers have a unique skillset, very different to real estate agents. Even though the licensing of business brokers tends to fall under the Real Estate sector, the skills required to be a business broker are very different.

A business broker needs to understand the business they want to sell, to read financials, understand the client's needs, market and negotiate with buyers through to settlement. Time and time again, business brokers stress it's all about guiding the seller and buyer to reach common ground, it's not a hard and sharp sales tactic. Relationships and building trust are key to a succesful sale. 


Business Brokers State Awards

  • NSW - Shane Fox - Merchant Business Brokers

  • QLD - Roland West - LINK Business Brokers

  • VIC/TAS - Choon Ng - Xcllusive Business Sales

  • SA/NT - Brett Buckley - Ray White Business Sales SA/NT

  • WA - Catherine Jones - Zircom Business Brokers


Choon Ng - VIC + TAS Business Broker Award

Image: Ian Jones - National President and Chair AIBB, Choon Ng - Xcllusive Business Sales, Catherine Mangana - Bsale. 

“I am really pleased and honoured to win the Victoria/Tasmania Business Broker of the Year for 2022. On my professional journey, AIBB has provided me the opportunity to network and learn from other business brokers, and the training to be a better business broker and valuer. The commitment to ongoing training has equipped us with the skills to handle the complexity often associated with the business transactions of higher value. As a profession, I am delighted to see a wider market recognition of our unique transaction expertise, especially among accountants and solicitors." Choon Ng, Xcllusive Business Brokers

"I would like to encourage all business brokers to commit to ongoing learning and take an active part in AIBB. I am also fortunate to have a great team at Xcllusive Business Sales with the resources and expertise that I can trust, allowing me to focus on helping business sellers and buyers throughout the transaction process. For most business owner who are too busy in their day-to-day businesses and do not have any knowledge of “exit or business sales”, it is never too early to start educating yourself as it can made a substantial differences when it comes to the time to make the decision to “exit”. Build a relationship with business brokers, and you can tap into their professional insight will be of practical help.” Choon Ng, Xcllusive Business Brokers

Shane Fox - NSW Business Broker Award

Image: Ian Jones National President and Chair AIBB, Shane Fox - Merchant Business Sales, Mary Tamvakologos - Anybusiness.

“It was an absolute honour to be the recipient and winner of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB), Business Broker of the Year in NSW. The business broking industry like many has had to adapt and navigate change. Deal with ongoing banking reforms, the Federal election, and the changing dynamic that Covid-19 has played across many businesses and industries. To all the other award recipients’ congratulations and well done on a great year!” Shane Fox, Merchant Business Brokers


Specialist Business Brokers State Awards

  • NSW - Sally Stuart - LINK Business Brokers

  • QLD - Travis Latter - Infinity Sales Training & Consultancy Services

  • VIC/TAS - Fred Samoun - Paramount Business Brokers

  • SA - Nikki Katz - Nikki Katz

  • WA - Brad Potter - The Health Linc


Fred Samoun - VIC\TAS Specialist Business Broker

Image: Ian Jones - National President and Chair AIBB, Fred Samoun - Paramount Business Brokers, Hank de Jonge - De Jong Read. 

“Thank you to the AIBB committees/board, all members and my peers for their support throughout the last year!” Fred Samoun, Paramount Business Brokers


Nikki Katz - SA Specialist Business Broker Image: Ian Jones - National President and Chair AIBB, Nikki Katz. 

“The best part of winning the SA/NT Specialist Business Broker of the Year 2022, was the fact that we were all together again this year to celebrate with each other. Being a part of the AIBB Conference and winning an award is more enjoyable in the company of many esteemed colleagues and friends” Nikki Katz

The AIBB Conference was a great industry event that allowed business brokers to connect, train and celebrate their successes over the past few years. Covid created some hiccups the past 2 years, so it was a welcome in-person event. 

Congratulations to all of the winners, as a current partner of the AIBB it has been a pleasure to be part of this event. 

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