Celebrating Businesswomen for Women's Entrepreneurship Day #WEDO2021

by Caitlin Mary 19th of November, 2021
Celebrating Businesswomen for Women's Entrepreneurship Day #WEDO2021
Celebrating Businesswomen for Women's Entrepreneurship Day #WEDO2021

Today is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (#WEDO2021), an International Day of Celebration which aims to support and empower women in business all over the world from small businesses to mega-corporations.

Bsale is always supportive of women in business and we #ChooseWomen, so we wanted to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the successful business brokers that we have written about and featured throughout the year. 

Meet 5 women who excel at selling businesses 

The business broking profession is competitive. A broker's role is to gain clients and then to deliver on their promises to sell the business for the best possible price to the right buyer (or on the flip-side help people to buy businesses). 

The profession has traditionally been male-dominated with less than 15% being females. Over recent years, we have started to see a shift with more ladies joining this exciting profession…  > Read the full article

Three covers of the Bsale eMagazine this year were successful and accomplished businesswomen who exemplify “entrepreneurship” and we will always aim to support and encourage women in business in future issues, we #ChooseWomen is not limited to one day a year.

Lily Small


Lily Small

The cover of our March issue Lily Small is a passionate and incredibly accomplished business broker. 

The Director of LUX Business Sales & Advisory was raised in what she calls a “business family.” Her father opened a grocery store after a stint in the army; by the time Lily was six he ran a “very successful” wholesale and development business. Her mother was an esteemed fashion designer. Lily helped out where she could and slowly soaked it all in.

“Since I was young, I’ve been training how to be an honest and responsible business owner,” she explains. “Learning how to look after the customers.”

Twenty years ago, she came to Australia to study. Noticing the proliferation of Chinese-made products in our stores, she spied a business opportunity…

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Belinda Packer


The cover of our May issue Belinda Packer is a successful businesswoman with a strong background in finance and constantly encourages women to become business brokers. Having started out as a flight attendant, Belinda has had a fascinating entry into the world of business.

Packer’s outgoing and charismatic nature has led to an extensive business career. 20 years as a business owner, operating multiple businesses and franchises to becoming a qualified financial planner and business broker. Belinda has learned what's important in business and how to be successful. 

"Many moons ago I was a QANTAS flight attendant. I took a redundancy package and with that, I bought a juice bar, just when Boost [Juice] was a big craze when it first launched. Then I basically built that business up and sold it within a year.” …

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Jasmine Robson 


With a unique entry into the world of business, Jasmine Robson is a successful businesswoman, broker and speaker with a passion for business and helping others achieve success. Bsale spoke to Jasmine about her fascinating history and what drives her to be the broker and professional businesswoman she is today.

Jasmine Robson has always been drawn to business, throwing gender stereotypes to the wind and simply striving to do what she liked and what she was good at, not what was perhaps expected of her.

“Growing up I was never your typical little girl, in the sense that my barbies had briefcases. I had always sort of been that way inclined,”…

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