Stormer Music unveils franchise model in Australia

by DC Strategy 28th of October, 2021
Stormer Music unveils franchise model in Australia
Stormer Music

Stormer Music began more than a decade ago when two brothers started providing music lessons from home - just out of high school with Phil being a guitarist and Joel a drummer. 15 years later, the pair have developed a long-standing music business and are now ready to launch into the exciting world of franchising.

Phil and Joel came from a place of creativity and heart, growing up in the Blue Mountains, with lots of pockets of local towns amongst nature and mountains. With a strong passion for their business, they then began building up their business in 2007 with new teachers, musicians and students, in the spirit of sharing the joy and privilege of playing music, something they have done their whole lives.

Phil Stormer, Founder says, “We exist to provide great music lessons with wonderful teachers for students of all ages, stages, abilities and walks of life in just about every instrument you can think of. With families, children and adults all welcome, our weekly lessons are completely personalised and taught within our students’ goals, values and experience”.

As Stormer Music is an authentic and caring environment, they are looking for franchisees who align with these attitudes. Franchisees will receive a fully fitted out vibrant and modern music school ready to go, as well as ongoing training and support with the team and the Founders themselves.

DC Strategy, founded by Rod Young in 1983, is excited to partner with Stormer Music in launching its franchise model and helping to find the right candidates to grow the music school business in Australia. James Young, Head of Franchise Sales and Development at DC Strategy, believes that Stormer Music brings a new wave of franchising to the table, saying that, “we’re excited to expand Stormer Music’s presence across Australia and think it’s a perfect addition to the franchising market. This business model will allow franchisees to own an established and well-respected music business, while changing the lives of young students everywhere. My kids are passionate about music and this concept is a game-changer for parents wanting to introduce music into their families.”

Stormer Music has key partnerships with music brands, supplying equipment and venues for concerts, including wholesale rates on all music gear to use in the studio or on-sell. The team has also secured key partnerships with businesses like insurance brokers, fit-outs and software.

They set themselves apart from competitors by offering a plethora of music learning options to cater to a wide range of their students and their needs, such as music lessons, music therapy, in-school programs, unique student concerts, workshops with guest artists, recording days for audio and radio, celebrity concerts, artist development programs, band and ensemble training programs and awards programs for the students.

Stormer Music Founder Phil says, “We also launched Music Therapy, a research based, NDIS recognised practice which harnesses the power of music to help our clients achieve their goals & improve their health, function & wellbeing. With a focus on neuro-diversity, inclusion and accessibility, we work with specialist therapists for clients with ASD, ADHD, Emotional Regulation disorders and more. Which totally goes to the heart of one of our stated values - that Music Is For Everyone!”

They have just launched their franchise model and plan to further expand across New South Wales, with existing stores already set up in Bankstown, Blaxland, Gregory Hills, Kogarah, Narwee, Parramatta and Penrith.

Their two-year target is to expand their franchise network growth and launch 10+ music schools across Australia.

The music school has a pandemic-resistant system as all their classes can be converted completely online. The model has also been stressed tested, simplified, and polished for over 10 years.

Phil mentions, “The moment we heard about it we went to work and after many sleepless nights, a complete overhaul of our timetable and brand-new tech we managed to get our program completely online just in time for the lockdowns”.

During the lockdown, Stormer Music continues to provide creativity, warmth and heart to their students who are locked up at home. “Music is a great healer and our teachers are wonderful shining lights for young people who definitely need the pick-me-up right now”, mentions Phil.


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